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Happy 2018 brothers and sisters

The Skivers are due to play more shows and there's also talk of a new record in 2018. Check out the Live section for details of upcoming gigs.


 At Last!

Lifetime Skiver's critically acclaimed new mini LP, The Late Great Electric Skiver Show, is finally released on Monday 6th February on Corridor of Uncertainty Records. Order your copy now at the Online Shop.


The House at the End of the World

Listen to the second track of the Skiver's forthcoming mini-LP, 'The House at the End of the World. As heard on BBC radio. Just follow the link below:

The House at the End of the World


 Electric Skivers

Autumn will see the release of Lifetime Skiver's eagerly awaited Mini-LP - The Late Great Electric Skiver Show.

The track list for the LP is:

  1. I Can't Stop Breaking My Heart
  2. Be Careful What You Wish For
  3. Everybody Can Be Wrong
  4. People Ain't Real
  5. The House at the End of the World
  6. You're the Same

You can hear the first track from the release by clicking the link below:

I Can't Stop Breaking My Heart


2016  - New Year and New Material

The New Year will see Lifetime Skiver finish recording for their, as yet untitled, Mini-LP.



2015 - Time to start work

2015 will see Lifetime Skiver writing songs for a new album. Recording is due to start in the summer but check the website throughout the year for  further news. Knowing the Skivers, though, I wouldn't hold your breath!


You Only Get Back What You Put In

June sees Lifetime Skiver continue to write their new album and to start to get ready for their 20th anniversary gig - details of which will follow very soon.

In the meantime, here's a re-mastered version of the Skiver's 2001 track: You Only Get Back What You Put In... surely a good lesson for life. Click the link:

You Only Get Back What You Put In 


2014's here.

Happy New Year from Lifetime Skiver.

2014 looks like being a busy year with the return of an original skiver to the fold, more gigs and a new album. Oh and August will mark the 20th anniversary of the Skivers!

Check out the site over the next few months for further details on all this and more.

In the meantime, go to the Live page to watch the Skivers last gig back in November. 


Magpies for Monkey

Magpies for Monkey

Click the link above to download a remastered version of Magpies for Monkey or watch the video below:


Re-mastered Ripples

Over the next few months, you'll be able to download a re-mastered version of Lifetime Skiver's Ripples EP. The three track EP, first released in 2001, has never been available for download but, from May, a song a month can be downloaded for free from the website. First song up: 'Magpies for Monkey'.

the forthcoming months

Meanwhile sessions for the new album continue.