Recordings done so far:

Early Demos:

Success e.p

(Disco Feeling/Without a Trace/#10 Dream/Ill at Ease)                          

November 1994.   









Come on Come In, Come in Come on

(Be Alright/Stay the Same/Never Wanted)

October 1995.      









Together/The Band Played On

January 1998.









 CD singles and e.p.s

Ripples e.p.

(Magpies for Monkey/You Only Get Back What You Put In/

(Right Down Here) Tonight)

August 2001.











 Like Me/No Worries/Happy

March 2004.











Looking Up e.p.

(Today/It Never Used To Be Like This/Hideaway/Light Nights)

July 2005.











Staring Down e.p.

(Serpico/Nothing/Hell On/Not Easy)

September 2006.

 Nightclub e.p.

(Best Nightclub / Sherbert / Take my mind / Sunrise/sunset)





(Make a Choice/